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OpenMeta is a fork of the latest official MetalliQ & the original Meta. It is NOT based on any existing forks released. OpenMeta allows you to search movies and TV shows using TVDB/TMDb/Trakt, and play content from a wide variety of other add-ons, without navigating through each individual add-on. Search for a movie / show first , THEN you choose what addon to play the content back with (if 25/11/2019 Download DB Repo For EIM/MetalliQ - Will Overwrite Other Versions 19/2/10, 10 sources - A repository hosted on by SomeBody (Repositories) 16/01/2020 15/10/2018 Outils Lecteurs Clone Github Ajouter une source Script MetalliQ Recaptcha. Modifier docs Pages. Installation. Télécharger. Installer le repository. Depuis Home cliquer sur extensions puis sur l’icone de la …

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24 Apr 2020 24-Apr-2020 11:06 - 24-Apr-2020 11:06 24-Apr -2020 11:11 - repository.kodi-vavoo-tv-stube/ 24-Apr-2020  29 Sep 2018 Install from repository > CellarDoorTV Repository > (Video/Music/Program) add- ons > Eim And Metalliq 4qed > Install. Wait for Add-on enabled  19 Jun 2017 metalliq uses the addons exodus, bob, bubbles, uk turks, elysium, And the super Repo isn't working right either none of the addons are 

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This guide will show you how to install NoobsandNerds on Kodi, this repository will let you browse many Kodi channels of great content which is sure to please. The MetalliQ is here, by OpenELEQ, an amazing and useful Add-on which provides you available streams from all your installed add-ons in your system so you can find Movies, TV Shows, Live TV Channels and Music in the best possible quality, and integrates perfect your Trakt account. A tool that everyone must have in their Kodi. As well, you can choose manually your preferred player as you will Open the NaN repo from “Install from Repositories”. Select Video Add-ons. OpenELEQ Tools and Install. After the install notification appears, return to Install from Repositories. Select Q’s Repository. Video add-ons. Select MetalliQ, a list of Kodi versions will appear, select the same version you have installed. Configuring MetalliQ Click on Video Add-ons-> Metalliq and press install. Wait until you see the Metalliq Enabled notification. From the Kodi home screen, choose ‘Videos’-> ‘Addons’-> Metalliq. How to Install Metalliq Repo on Kodi 17.3 Krypton. That’s all you need to know about how to setup the Metalliq addon on Kodi. As a final word of advice, we highly suggest using VPN whenever you’re watching movies, TV shows, or live streams on Kodi. Don’t take any risks. Stay on the safe side. Download Diamond EIM MetalliQ Repo (OpenInfo-OpenMeta) - Warning this will overwrite your OpenMeta/OpenInfo 20/2/11, 15 sources - A repository hosted on by Team Diamond (Repositories)